Additive Manufacturing Services

Industry Specialists of Additive Manufacturing using hard wearing materials

SLA Ceramic Materials

3DCERAM offers great flexibility with a full range of consumables for 3D printing suitable for CERAMAKER printers as well as bespoke material development.

Formulation of paste;

• possibility to use your own ceramic flour,
• definition of the printing and firing parameters specific to the formulation,
• keep the benefit of your certification so that 3D printed materials are the same as those in your traditional processes.

These pastes are developed to fit the CERAMAKER 3D printers, their technical characteristics enable a regular supply in the printing process and allow for its' users to obtain homogeneous layers for a maximum density and high quality parts for the most demanding of industrial applications.

Ceramic and Metal Filaments

Our Zetamix filaments are made of high-purity ceramic or metal powder and will help you achieve parts with the best possible mechanical properties. Our selection of materials makes it possible to respond to various challenges such as internal tooling, prototyping and complex designs. Materials available include; White and Black Zirconia, Alumina, Stainless Steel 316L and H13 Tooling Steel.

Technical pre-sales support

Understanding your business, applications and suitability of a technology is key to a successful installation.

discussing your application and business objectives

Project Planning & Installation

Evaluating the use of the technology overtime and the positive effect after installation.

We offer a project management approach to assist creators; engineers, designers and manufacturing organisations to bring their ''great ideas to life''.

Training & Continuous Application Support

Providing technology, knowledge and application support to ensure your success.