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3D Ceramic Printing

Ceramic 3D Printing

Custom Ceramic Parts

3DCeram Stereolithography (SLA) Technology for ceramic materials.

More than 15 years experience of 3D printing ceramic material. Now users can also:

• Manufacture complex ceramic parts which would be achievable otherwise
• Implement SLA laser technology to print small, batch volume or large parts
• Access to off-the-shelf and bespoke ceramic slurries developed by 3DCeram

Link Free; 3D printing without support

Often the creation of challenging parts in AM involves choosing non critical surface areas that one can apply supports.

To improve surface finish on complex parts without leaving support marks on any surfaces 3DCeram have created FREELINK TECHNOLOGY to provide better surface finish without the costs of unnecessary additional post machining and associated labour costs to separate the supports from a part.

Top-down stereolithography enables technology that can print without supports. The tray moves down as the part itself is built from the bottom-up. 3DCeram is able produce consistent parts with high precision and fine details.


The freedom to develop your own process. The C100 is dedicated to R&D development and opens opportunities to​;

• Develop materials with a low quantity of material
• Build Platform - 100 x 100 x 150 mm
• Quality design and manufacture
• Print parts to show case
• User friendly
• Open parameters
• Stereolithography laser
• Free link support technology
• Controlled quantity of printed ceramic slurry
• Accessible for persons with reduced mobility
• Start a printing run with only 60 mL of ceramic formulation
• Cartridge of 180 mL, 360 mL, 600 mL or 920 mL available
• Optional: Pressure tank (1,5 L)


C3600 offers a solution for mass production

• For mass production and printing of big parts
• Scale up from C100 EASY
• Build platform : 600 x 600 x 300 mm
• Free link support technology
• Reduced unit part price
• Reduced cleaning time
• Well adapted to serial printing

3D printing ceramic and metals

C900 Flex

The C900 was the first printer developed by 3DCeram and benefits of 15 years of know-how and optimization.

• Print large functional parts or small series
• Ceramic printed parts have the same properties as those produced in conventional ways (moulding, machining and injection)
• Open parameters
• 3 sizes of building platform : 100 x 300 mm, 200 x 300 mm and 300 x 300 mm
• Free link technology
• SAM (Small Amount of Material) optional: launch a fast printing run with only 100 mL of slurry.