Hyrel 3D

One System, Infinite Possibilities

3D Matters are proud to represent Hyrel 3D products in the UK and Europe.

Hyrel 3D is a research platform, manufacturing system and educational tool. With Interchangeable heads you get infinite possibilities.

With literally thousands of materials to print on the Hyrel Printer, we have broken down the list of materials into logical groups based on their printing temperature and type of head used to print them.

A quick intro to many of the functions of a Hyrel printer can be found on our products page.

If you are planning on using the heads which photoinitiate crosslinking, make sure you specify the correct wavelength of LED for your material.

Always be sure of what material you are using, and what will be off-gassed.

Software and Firmware
Our equipment runs our proprietary Repetrel software and firmware. This was not done to be difficult, but because we didn’t want to be restricted by the limitations of other printers. This is how we have the ability to adjust things like the Z position and material flow rate during a print. For a more in-depth look, please see the Repetrel page. To download and install, please see the Software page.

There are two categories: Printers and Heads (or Accessories).

Hyrel Printers are available in the following models: Hydras are our larger, gantry models; Systems are our tabletop, enclosed models; and Engines are the smaller, unenclosed models – available in Standard Resolution (SR) and High Resolution (HR, for bioprinting) versions.

All models use our Repetrel software and any slicer (Slic3r support provided). Each model comes with a Windows PC, either tablet or full desktop style. We operate our print heads via CANbus.

With such flexibility in one platform, an “All in One” (AIO) is a perfect option when a variety of materials are required in your application. The Case Study below ‘AIO Case Study’ gives more details of how this has aided the development of robotics.

AOI Case Study