3D printing with ceramic and metal filaments

3D printing with ceramic & metal filaments for prototyping

3D Matters provides 3D printing with ceramic & metal filaments and all the hardware necessary to 3D print complex geometries in hard-wearing materials.

These high quality filaments are composed of polymer binders with a high content of ceramic or metal particles making it possible to 3D print these otherwise difficult to form materials. Currently there a three ceramic filaments: White Zirconia, Black Zirconia and Alumina. There is also a stainless steel filament (316L) and H13 Tool Steel.

With further materials in development;  silicon carbide, silicon nitride, tungsten/cobalt carbide and titanium filaments.

Making Material and Technology accessible to all

Parts can be processed quickly and easily, such that virtually any person in your organisation can create ceramic and metal parts. Including, artists, engineers and designers. Conversely, the people in your organisation with no or little experience will be able to print parts following a  little training.  As a result material density of over 99% and has  the same properties as parts made with traditional methods. Consequently, it can be an asset in all levels of education and of course used in industry and areas of research & development.

The system consists of everything you will need including filaments, a 3D printer, de-binding equipment and a furnace for sintering.

If you would like to know more about designing your part to obtain best in breed parts in hard wearing materials on this technology just tap below.

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