Our Products

...3D printers for ceramic and other novel materials

SLA Ceramic Printer

Our products - 3D Printers using laser Stereolithography and ceramic materials

We we are proud to represent 3DCeram in the UK. Providing 3D printers suitable for R&D and volume production. Similarly, we provide all the necessary industrial hardware and ceramic materials.

3D printing with ceramic and metal filaments

We are proud UK representatives for a unique range of ceramic and metal filaments suitable for extrusion 3D printers. In addition, we provide compatible equipment so that any organisation can quickly produce very resistance parts themselves with ease.

All in one 3D printer

One System, Infinite Possibilities

Is it a 3D printer? - Yes it is. However, it can do much more too! For instance it is also possible to print simultaneously from up to ten heads. In addition it can be used to laser cut, route, mill and more!

Therefore this technology is perfect as a research platform, manufacturing system and educational tool.  With a revolutionary, interchangeable mounting system it allows users to easily install extruders that can print thousands of different materials. Perfect

Our products focus on 3D Printers for ceramic and other specialist materials.

EHR Bioprinter

Flexible 3D Bioprinting for all

We are proud partners of Hyrel 3D in the UK and Europe. The technology brings bioprinting to small and medium sized laboratories and medical practices working on R&D applications. Flexible 3D printers for all situations.