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Zirconia & Gold; Valentines Series at London Fashion Show

Zirconia & Gold; Valentines Series at London Fashion Show

Award-winning jeweller Clare Price’s “wearable three-dimensional Valentines” reflect her interest in the narrative of expressions of love, and the sentimentality of jewellery. As a body of work, Valentine Series #2 explores Prices’s parallel fascination with fashion and new fast evolving technology.

Specifically the way it facilitates the creation of forms that can explore 3D printed porcelain’s potential as a jewellery medium.

The white colour of these pendants allows textures and forms to be explored without distraction, whilst 18K gold accents imbue each piece with a sense of preciousness.

This body of work explores the possibilities of ceramic additive manufacture. The fragile appearance yet durable quality of the material, enhanced with 18ct gold detail, creates an inherently luxurious product.

Claire continues to explore this technology in a commercial context, testing the level of detail and tolerances of the material whilst developing tactile forms and textures which are pleasing to the consumer, resulting in heirlooms that portray a sense of romanticism through the symbolism, material choice and colour palette of the jewellery.

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