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Complex ceramic geometries without tooling

Complex ceramic geometries without tooling

3D printing in ceramic and metals allows for small volume parts and those with complex geometries to be produced more easily. Companies are constantly looking for ways to manufacture in a quicker and more efficient way which then enable them to work with their customers on more complex, low volume projects. By utilising new technology and techniques of 3D printing in ceramic and metals, combined with traditional processes companies are able to be more flexible in the service they can offer their customers.

One such company, Almath Crucibles Limited; a global producer and distributor of ceramic Crucible and Refractory products utilise a range of traditional processes as well as CNC machining and laser cutting, have added the Zetamix 3D printing technology which is able to build  parts, which were technically impossible to produce using traditional methods.

Almath also recognised that customers increasingly require low volume, bespoke products which would have been too costly in the past. We can now provide more customers with a suitable solution which enables the business to grow its client base.

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