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3D Printed Ceramic Antenna

3D Printed Ceramic Antenna

Breakthrough 3D Printed Ceramic Antenna Technology; -A new breakthrough technology has developed 3D structured ceramics using additive manufacturing and very solid ceramic materials. An aerospace collaboration between Anywaves and 3D Ceram.

3D Printed Ceramic Antenna Technology

TDE activity 4000124217 completed in 2020.

One domain where this new technology has great potential is with antenna applications – since it can be used to make compact antenna that still have good radio and mechanical properties.

A recently closed TDE activity with Anywaves in France wanted to develop, test and qualify 3D Printed Ceramic Antenna structures. As such, the activity proposed to develop, manufacture and test four antennas.

Anywaves produced two elliptical antennas with a filled lattice structure ad two truncated patch antennas with an empty lattice structure.

TDE activity 4000124217 completed in 2020.

The testing of the four antennas proved that this new technology can reach expected radiofrequency performances but require a slight shift in frequencies due to an imperfect cleaning of the material as part of the industrial process.

The 3D Printed Ceramic Antenna also surpassed expectations under very demanding environmental tests. Therefore demonstrating good mechanical and thermal properties throughout. This is especially the case with the patch antenna with an empty lattice.

Beyond DRA and patch antenna, the activity plans to investigate more complex designs to explore the full industrial potential of the 3D structured dielectric material technology for space future challenges.

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