Where can I get something 3D printed near me?

Where can I get something 3D printed near me?

Getting something 3D printed is a service many people are considering these days. So the question often asked is, Where and how? Both great questions! However even more important is how can you get your idea from your head onto paper and in your hand as a physical product.

Get it 3D printed – Bring Creative Ideas to Life!

In this article we consider the steps for for you to Bring creative ideas to life. Actually, this is one of the main ideas of our services and you will see it is one of our main headings on our homepage. We want to make sure that people can have a great idea and turn it into reality. In fact our whole business started by supporting creatives, engineers and product designers in agencies. This was before the advent of 3D printing and it becoming mainstream.

This has continued but we also want to help everyone get their idea in their hands as a physical product. With this in mind you maybe interested in the story a printed handle as the original one melted. The customer wanted to have their trusted coffee percolator repaired and we helped them do it. Read the case study of the ceramic percolator handle here.

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Steps to Bring Creative Ideas to Life.

It isn’t unusual for us to be asked if we can scan a picture and 3D print it. Strictly speaking this can’t be done. Well not yet! The closest thing to this would be to scan a physical object with a scanner. This can then be converted into a printable file. This process is called reverse engineering.

The other option to get something 3D printed is to create a CAD file. You can use free software like Tinker CAD and is a great way to start learning how to create a design. Then send it to us for printing. Or..

At 3D Matters we can also do this for you if you’d like – we’d love to help – just click through below.

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