Advantages and disadvantages of FFF printing

Advantages and disadvantages of FFF printing

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of FFF printing compared to other technologies. As with all 3D printing there are real advantages of FFF. For some applications there are advantages.

One advantage FFF has over many others is the ability to create internal infills. Infills allow for the part to have a light weight structure with enough support to have a strong shell. This is possible without trapping material inside. This is a problem you would get with liquid and powdered materials.

As an example, FFF is considerably cheaper. It has significant H&S benefits when printing metal parts compared to Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) health considerations. For this reason it is often used in an educational setting. Metal FFF parts might not have the same surface quality that DLMS parts, but are likely to be high enough quality in most cases for the intended purpose.

The trick when choosing which technology your business should invest in is to gain an understanding of your business needs. You can do this by conducting an application audit. This will ensure you are fully aware of the advantages of FFF printing and what it means for the work your organisation will print.

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