3D printed Zirconia and Alumina

3D printed Zirconia and Alumina

3D printed zirconia and alumina parts? – not until recently. It has been possible for sometime for engineers and designers to create complex shapes and parts with fine details and utilise a 3D printer to manufacture them. Previously, there where greater restrictions on what could be manufactured with traditional forming processes. There have also been a lack of suitable hard-wearing materials for use on a 3D printer. However, now an engineer can create a CAD file, then easily 3D printed in ceramic materials. As with all ceramics; Zirconia and Alumina have fabulous material properties that are resistant to heat, chemical, electrical and physical wear.

3D printed zirconia and alumina are available on all of our printers from an entry level desk top printer to one that can produce complex geometries in production volumes.

Complex Ceramic Part
3D printed zirconia and alumina

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