Additive Manufacturing Services

Industry Specialists of 3D Printing using hard wearing materials

SLA Ceramic Materials

It is possible to produce bespoke ceramic pastes in addition to an extensive range of off-the shelf materials. Subsequently, this combination is key to our Additive Manufacturing Services and provides our customers with high quality ceramic components.

Formulation of paste;

  • using your own ceramic powder
  • defining the parameters for the formulation supplied
  • maintain certification for 3D printed and traditional manufacturing processes.

Users will obtain parts high in density and quality, even for the most demanding of industrial applications by having access to a printer from our production range.


SLA Pastes

Ceramic and Metal Filaments

Our range of filaments are another key asset in suppling market leading Additive Manufacturing Services. Ultimately these filaments are made of high purity ceramic or metal powders manufactured using the best materials. Most importantly parts made with filament materials have fantastic mechanical properties.

Consequently, they address offer the following benefits;

  • internally made tooling allows production to be more efficient
  • quickly iterate and get your product to market before the competition
  • print complex geometries

The range of materials available include; White and Black Zirconia, Alumina, Copper, Stainless Steel 316L and H13 Tooling Steel.

Technical pre-sales support

Support at this stage defines;

  • how will the technology used
  • understanding the benefits when used in this way
  • are there defined applications
  • could there be other applications
  • will the technology meet these requirements

In conclusion we like to be able to provide a business case that supports an investment in our technology.

discussing your application and business objectives
floor plan example

Project Planning & Installation

3D Matters documents all the risks which would prevent a successful installation. Mitigate all risk as early as possible. Consequently, successfully install the equipment. Above all, get the customer printing parts as quickly as possible!


Training & Continuous Application Support

Installation completed. Therefore our next objective is to ensure our customer gets the most from their investment. At this stage we are supporting the customer with training and application knowledge. Consequently, we believe this phase of work is never completed.