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ceramic 3d printing service
ceramic 3d printing service

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We print parts in many materials including standard plastics, ceramics and metals which are comparable to injection moulded quality. In addition, 3D Matters will be able to assist when your requirement is a little more unusual! You may like to check out our ceramic or metal materials too!

We recently produced ceramic and gold hearts for the Valentine's Series for London Fashion Week pictured below. For industrial application we combine wax and ceramics to be used in the investment casting process.

Our 3D printers can directly print parts in plastics, alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide and in metals. For example Titanium, SS316L & H13. It is also worth considering the use of 3D printing for tooling. This tooling can be used for small batch volume products.

We are very happy for our customer to use this service as a prelude to an investment in the future for our printing technology in-house.

Use the button below and send us your stl obj stp file and we will reply with a cost effective solution.

3d ceramic printing service

Custom 3D Parts

3D Matters was born from creative roots. In the past we have worked with creatives, engineers and product designers wanting customised, low volume, high quality products.

Recent technological developments are now the best way to turn ideas and designs into physical products.

Our service is the most efficient way to support the R&D process when customers don't have the appropriate facilities in-house.

Whilst 3D Matters is primarily a technology hardware and materials provider, we do offer project support in the form of our FFF and stereolithography SLA 3D printing service in Cambridge UK.

We use the latest additive manufacturing technologies from various manufacturers to produce high-quality products quickly and efficiently. In time and in budget!


Silicon Nitride 3D printing

On demand Manufacturing Service

We are dedicated to providing our customers with friendly and efficient service. Most of all we value your business and want to work with you in the future. We are sure you will love the quality and will end up 3D printing for yourselves. So for that reason we have made it our mission to provide reliable products and services to ensure our customer's project have a successful outcome.

Our courteous, professional team is able to support a range of services to meet your requirements.

We look forward to working with you.