3D Parts on Demand

Functional Prototyping

We can print parts in wax and ceramics to use in the investment casting process, SS316L, H13 Steel Tooling, high temp thermoplastics using a range of technologies for functional prototyping; directly printed parts, as well as tooling to make small batch volume products.

Feel free to use this service as a prelude to considering the technology in-house.

3D printing metal components

Custom 3D Parts

3D Matters was born from creative roots, to work primarily with creative product design agencies to "bring creative ideas to life'' and to create customised, low volume products using a variety of manufacturing processes.

More recently, technological developments mean custom 3D printed parts created in-house by engineers, designers and manufacturing organisations, is the most efficient way to support the R&D process and as such  3D Matters is primarily a technology provider, however we offer a project management approach to assist creators; engineers, designers and manufacturing organisations to bring their ''great ideas to life''.

By utilising the most up to date and  job appropriate Additive Manufacturing Technologies from a variety of global equipment manufacturers we are able to produce uncompromising quality, in time and in budget.


On demand Manufacturing

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Our courteous, professional team is able to support a range of services to meet your requirements.