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Custom technical ceramics and 3D metal printing


At 3D Matters Limited (3DM) we work with customers to deliver Additive Manufacturing technology and services. Our aim is to enable our client's products to be designed and manufactured more quickly and more cost effectively, decreasing the product design cycle and time to market.

If you have a product which you think could benefit from such technology we welcome you to make contact and discuss possible solutions.

“We didn’t realise or predict the levels by which introducing this technology into our business would increase productivity and profitability”

Oliver Plumridge
  • Technical pre-sales support

    Understanding your business' applications in relation to the technology.

  • Project Planning & Installation

    We offer a project management approach to assist creators; engineers, designers and manufacturing organisations to bring their ''great ideas to life''.

  • Consumables Sales and Maintenance Contracts

    Consumables, tools and support to keep you printing.

  • Training & Continuous Application Support

    Providing technology, knowledge and application support to ensure your success.

  • Exclusive UK Retailer

    We work with the very best products and technology for the printing of hard wearing materials.

  • Parts on Demand

    Building parts for you when you can't.

SLA 3D Printing

3DCeram represented in the UK by 3DM brings together a combination of expert skills that is unparalleled in the field of materials and processes dedicated to the rapid forming of complex-architecture ceramic objects. This technology significantly reduces product development time and is suited to companies needing rapid delivery of prototypes and production runs in Alumina, Zirconia and/ or Hydroxyapatite.

FDM 3D Printing

Parts can be processed quickly and easily, so that virtually any person in your organisation can create ceramic and metal parts. Manufacturing with Zetamix utilises an FDM technology for printing, with a further two stage process to engineer complex geometries without the need for tooling and moulds.