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3D printing of hard-wearing materials

At 3D Matters Limited we work with organisations to deliver the best 3D ceramic printers on the market capable of producing parts in ceramic and metal materials. Whilst 3D Matters is primarily a technology hardware and materials provider, we do offer project support in the form of our 3D printing services.

Thereafter we provide 3D printers for sale with all the necessary hardware and associated services for installing these 3D printers into our customer's organisation.

Above all our aim is to enable our clients to design and manufacture more quickly and cost effectively. Therefore decreasing the product design cycle and time to market.

“We didn’t realise or predict the levels having this technology would increase productivity and profitability”

Oliver Plumridge
  • Technical pre-sales support

    Technical pre-sales support

    Understanding your business' applications in relation to the technology.

  • Project Planning & Installation

    Project Planning & Installation

    We work with organisations to get them printing parts as quickly as possible.

  • Consumables Sales and Maintenance Contracts

    Consumables Sales and Maintenance Contracts

    Consumables, tools and support to keep you printing.

  • Training & Continuous Application Support

    Training & Continuous Application Support

    Providing technology, knowledge and application support to ensure your success.

  • Exclusive UK Retailer

    Exclusive UK Retailer

    We work with the very best products and technology for the printing of hard wearing materials.

  • Parts on Demand

    Parts on Demand

    Building parts for you when you can't.

SLA 3D Printing

Producing the highest quality parts in ceramic materials. The technology we use significantly reduces product development time and is suited to organisations wanting complex ceramic geometries.

To meet the needs of the most demanding industrial applications with a;

  • range of printers suitable for R&D through to mass production
  • catalogue of Oxide and Non-Oxide ceramics with high performance qualities
  • hybrid capable option to print multi-materials

A key technology delivering 3D Printing Ceramics and Metals to our customers.

3D ceramic printers

FFF 3D Printing

Ceramic and metal 3D printing;  Virtually any person in your organisation can start 3D printing ceramic and metals. Furthermore it is easy to produce complex geometries. No tooling or moulds required!